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Adults $101.00 $86.00.

Child $76.00 $64.00
Min. age 4 years.

Pick Up at the Nuevo Vallarta Office 8:00 am or PV Marina Office. 8:30 am Maps.

Includes breakfast, lunch and bottled water.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and a light sweating the winter months.

Nestled in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains, San Sebastian’s remote location and historic appeal have made it one of Mexico’s last great getaways. Even though this little mountain enclave [elevation 4500 ft.] is not very far from Puerto Vallarta, this half-forgotten former mining town is a world away from typical resorts and ordinary tourist attractions.

The road from Puerto Vallarta comes in on the west side of this historic mining town. Originally settled in 1605, San Sebastian reached its peak of prosperity in the 1700s, when over 30,000 people populated the area. Over the years, the town’s population fluctuated wildly as gold and silver were mined intermittently between the 1600’s and the 1930’s.

This beautiful mountain village of 600 residents retains its colonial heritage as an outstanding example of the traditional ways of living and working in a remote Mexican village. Nowadays, in addition to the traditional corn and cattle, local folks also cultivate coffee and agave on the mountainside.
It is a joy to wander around in this very peaceful town, which has changed so little in hundreds of years. With a quaint cobblestone plaza lined by dignified white buildings, a classic Porfirian bandstand, an 18th century church dedicated to San Sebastian and the many 18th century Haciendas, San Sebastian is a living museum untouched by time, and an experience that is difficult to surpass.

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Location: San Sebastian

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