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Art Galleries in Vallarta

Art Gallery in Vallarta.

Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta

The Art Galleries in Vallarta are many for our small town.The internationally famous Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City offers ample documentation of the very rich accomplishments in the art of Pre Columbian cultures such as the Aztec, Olmec and Mayan. The Colonial Period saw the introduction of European traditions in art from Spain, France and Austria. Franciscan artists-priests not only portrayed the majesty of Christian heritage, but also acted as the visual historians of the Colonial era.

Parallel versions of most of the world’s major art movements also occurred in Mexico, often inspired by Mexican artists returning from extensive sojourns to major art centers such as Paris and New York.
Painters like Diego Rivera mingled with Picasso and experimented with Cubism, while later his wife Frida Kahlo staged exhibitions organised by Andre Breton in Paris that caused her to be regarded as many as the “Queen of the Surrealists”.

The flow reversed itself when Rivera along with Alfaro Siqueros founded one of the twentieth century’s most significant directions in art, the Mexican Muralist Movement. Suddenly artists from all over the world were coming to Mexico to work and study with these and other masters.
Pioneer photographers such as Edward Weston and Tina Modeti came to soak up their inspirations and document their efforts as well as offer their own interpretations. Later other Mexican artists such as Rufino Tamayo broke out of the muralist mold and became internationally recognized masters of Modernism and Post Modernism.

Most recently, major museum around the world have brought significant attention to such artists as Diego Toledo, Alejandro Colunga and Julio Galan as leading practitioners of the contemporary Latin American movement in art and literature know as ‘Magical Realism’, which shows great promise of continuing well into the 21 st. Century and beyond.
by Gary Thompson, Galeria Pacifico, Puerto Vallarta

Select List of Vallarta Galleries


Galeria Pcifico

Galeria Pacifico. Contemporary paintings and sculpture by Ramiz Barquet, Robert Denoun and Brewster Brockmann.
Aldama #174, 222-1982 Web Site





Galeria Dante Puerto Vallarta.


Galleria Dante. Contemporary art by Gabriel Colunga, Guiermo Gomez, Luis Espiridion, Jonas Gutierrez, Rogelio Diaz, Adria¡n Reynoso, Francisco Quitero and Efren Gonzales. Best in Vallarta. Closed in September.
Basilio Badillo #269, 222-2477 Web Site


Galeria Uno Puerto Vallarta.


Galeria Uno. The original Gallery in Puerto Vallarta.
Contemporary paintings and sculpture by Alejandro Colunga, Oscar Zamarripa, Sergio Garval, Esau Andrade, Raymundo Andrade, Vladimir Cora, Ada Colorina, Judith Ewing and Lee Chapman. Morelos # 561, 222-0908 Website



Angeline Kyba Studio Gallery Internationally acclaimed figurative artist Angeline Kyba welcomes visitors to her studio Mondays through Fridays from 12 to 5, other times by appointment at Cuauhtemoc #635. Simply follow Guerrero up river, it is the same street, almost last house. 222-4238


Featuring the works of Lupita Navarro, Flor Marie Bouhot, Manuel Bautista, Mario Barron, Emilia Vasquez and Rocio Alzaga. Website.
Guadalupe Sanchez #735, 223-1821

The Loft Galeri­a
It is the mission of The Loft Galeria to present permanent collections and monthly exhibitions featuring works of the finest emerging, mid-career and established contemporary and modern artists of the Americas.
Calle Corona 176-A (322) 222 6353 Website

Art Walk
Every Wenesday from October to May. The participating galleries in Centro Historico exhibit works by important national and international artists. Remarkable paintings, exceptional sculptures, fine ceramics and jewelry are offered. Site and Map