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Charities Churches

Church close to Puerto Vallarta.

Here is a list of Charities Churches and Non-Profit Organizations.

Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (Children’s Shelter of Hope)

A shelter for babies and children under the age of 14 who have been turned over by DIF, the Mexican government organisation that protects the rights of children. See Site See Map
Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza, A.C. R. Flores Magon #251 Colonia Benito Juarez. Puerto Vallarta, 48380. Jalisco, Mexico

Pasitos de Luz

Pasitos de Luz is a non-profit organization that provides care for disabled children from low-income families in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was founded more than fourteen years ago by a determined group of mothers who were desperate to have a place where their disabled children could receive decent levels care and attention. Tel: (+52) 322 299 3625 / (+52) 322 299 4146 Site.

American-Mexico Foundation.
Provides scholarships for bright kids with limited resources. Accepts donations and school supplies. Contact Mary Ellis. Tel. 22-1478 & 223-1371.

New Life Mexico.
A charity that supports children and young people in Mexico who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused. Site. Philippa Vernon-Powell, runs the charity here.

Casa Hogar
Children’s Shelter run by Catholic Nuns. Needs : Food, soap, shampoo, tooth brushes and paste, clothing, toys, household supplies & vitamins, Tel. 221-1908.

International Friendship Club.
Donations for the Cleft Palate Surgery Program, classroom and school restroom construction. Also needed toys & school supplies Contact Gail Hankel. Tel 222-5466 & 225-1177

Provides food and clothing for Street Children and those living in the poorest neighbourhoods of Vallarta. Needs Donations, food, clothing – especially shoes, vitamins, school supplies and toys. Contact Catalina Huet Espinoza. Tel. 224-6777 e-mail –

Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta – meets at 8:00 pm (2100 hrs) on Tuesday at the Outback Steakhouse.

Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur – meets at 9:00 am (900 hrs) on Thursday at the Marriott Casa Magna Hotel. Website is at

Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Pitillal – meets at meets at 8:00 pm (2100 hrs) on Thursday at the Outback Steakhouse

Navy League of Puerto Vallarta
Main activity is arranging for gifts of health and educational supplies to be brought to Puerto vallarta via U.S.Navy and Coastguard services.
Also organises work parties from visiting ships to do painting and maintenance at local orphanages and schools.
Meetings first Tuesday of the month at the Marriott Hotel. Call Jerry Lafferty at 221-6156

Alanon, AA, NA, SLAA and CODA, Basilio Badillo #329 (on the north side of Basilio Badillo and across the street from Johnny´s Diner.).
AA Meetings Monday through Saturday 9 AM & 6:30 PM, Sunday 11am. Women’s Thur 10:30am, Men’s Thur 8pm,
NA Daily at 5pm
Ai-ANON , Mon & Fri at 6:30pm
CODA Women, Tue at 6:30pm
Nic Anonymous Daily 5pm
ARTS Tue 8pm
Information: Tel: 222-3906, 222-2521, evenings – 209-0746





Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (Parroquia de Guadalupe) Hidalgo # 370. Tel: 222 1326
English Mass at 5pm on Saturdays and Bilingual at 10am Sundays.
Sacred Cross Parish (Parroquia de la Santa Cruz) Lázaro Cárdenas # 395 at Aguacate.
Tel: 222 0989. Bilingual Mass on Sundays at 11am
Our Lady of the Refuge Parish (Parroquia de Nuestra Señor del Refugio)
Corner of Peru and Argentina. Tel: 222 4980
San Rafael Parish (Parroquia San Rafael) Calle Jamaica Tel: 222 2440
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Templo Sagrado Corazón de Jesús)
Calle: Plaza Paritzica # 17 Col. Aramara Tel: 224 0329
Mary, Queen of Peace Church (Iglesia Maria Reina de la Paz) Albatros 270, Col. Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. E-mail: Website
Phone: (322) 209-1545 English masses are at 10:00 am each Sunday during the main tourist season:
Virgen of Talpa Church (Iglesia de la Virgen de Talpa) Plaza Central Sur # 167 Tel: 224 1323
Centro Cristiano Nuevo Amanecer. Sierra Aconcagua # 111. Tel: 223 2020
Primera Iglesia Bautista, Argentina # 181 at Parque Hidalgo. Tel: 222 1722 or 222-0722. Sunday Services at Plaza Caracol (next to Cosmored, 2nd floor) 9:45am, in English at 11am and 7pm.
Apostolic Church-Faith in Christ (Iglesia Apostlica de la Fe en Cristo) Costa Rica # 1422. Tel: 224 9682
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 271 Milan, Colonia Versalles. 4:00pm Saturday  Public Talk and Watchtower Study 7:00pm Monday  Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (English meetings) 271 Milan, Colonia Versalles
Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting  Friday 7:00pm Public Talk and Watchtower Study  Sunday 7:00pm Tel. 293-4834
Calvary Chapel, Pablo Picasso #105 at the entrance to Hotel Las Palmas, 1 block south of Gigante. Sunday 10:30am & 6:30 pm in English, Bible Study Tue & Wed 6:30 pm. Outreach program in a neighbourhood located close to the dump. Free
English classes Mon. Thur. Sat. tel. 293 5455 Also Non-Denominational
Iglesia Cristo Del Mar Christ Church by the Sea, Anglican/Episcopalian  all faiths welcome services in English. Services are weekly, year round. Plaza Genovesa, Center Courtyard Palapa .

Phone   322 223 2276  MX 309 693 9204  US
Seventh Day Adventist Church (Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día) Roma # 188. Tel: 224 8422
Iglesia Eben-Ezer, Juan Escutia # 301. Tel: 224 2630
Parroquia de San Miguel-Arca¡ngel, Corner of Independencia and Zapata. Tel: 224 2053
Worship in Paradise, Casual, Contemporary, Small groups, Community Service, Worship in English 10am. 10:30 am Worship in Paradise at Act ll
cell 322-133-7263 E-Mail
Christian Interdenominational Church Lateral Libramiento # 332 Tel: 222 4019
Light of the World (La Luz del Mundo) Col. Hermosa Provincia Tel: 224 8273
New Dawn Center (Centro Nuevo Amanecer). Ave. Las Palmas. Tel: 222 3330. Â Services 11am.
Presbyterian or Reformed
“Iglesia Reformada Cristiana. Paseo de Marlin 580. Jardines de Gaviotas. Across from the school Niños Heroes. Services at 11 a.m. and 7 pm. with English translation device available.
Church of Latter Day Saints . Emiliano Zapata # 420 Col. V. Gomez Far­as. Sacrament, 8, 10 am and 12 noon tel. 224 9680