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Safety in Puerto Vallarta.

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Safety in Puerto Vallarta.? In the old days, if asked about that, people would tell you to be careful when crossing the street. Now many uninformed people seems to think we are a war zone, nothing could be further from the truth, Puerto Vallarta has a well earned reputation of having very little crime. But as the town has become more affluent it has become attractive to minor criminals pickpockets and purse snatchers, so be aware.

There appears to be a lot of paranoia north of the border about safety in Mexico. But it’s a big country, almost a quarter of the size of the USA and Puerto Vallarta is very safe. The media is full of reports and, from what we’ve seen, 99 % of it is inaccurate, well

I’ll bet most of the the ‘reporters’ have never been here. The people who believe what they see on TV news programs are misled. These same people have never even been here.

Check out the Internet forums, like Trip Advisor and see what people, who have traveled here, have to say, nothing like first hand accounts.

Our friend Ventura Orozco made a great video about Safety and Security here, asking the opinions of tourists and locals here in Puerto Vallarta, in order to combat all negative misinformation you have probably seen on your TVs.  As you’ll see, the opinions of people actually here jibe with what you see in the media.

The Local Police do a great Job

Tourist Police in Puerto Vallarta.

There is even a special force of male and female ‘Tourist Police’. Recognisable by their uniforms of white shirt, shorts and blue caps , like the two in this picture, Polici­a Tur’i­stica, or sometimes with a Policia Municipal in a blue uniform. The members of this force all speak English, so if you need any help, even just directions, they are there to serve you. Note they keep changing uniforms but the labels are the same – “Polici­a Turi­stica”

There are other officers in black caps that are the traffic police (Transito).

Puerto Vallarta has the, justly deserved reputation, for safety and security. It’s quite safe to stroll back to your hotel at 3am without any hassle at all. But don’t go to the beach at that time and take normal precautions, while we have very little crime for the size of the town, things do happen occasionally.

Then there are also Federal and State Police, plus several others, you’ll see around, well armed, and also the Army and Marines will drive around with their guns, this is just the way it is in Mexico.

Remember, also, that the system of law in Mexico is Napoleonic Law. In this system you are guilty until proven innocent.

There are some safety issues though.

Hole in Puerto Vallarta street.


Look where you’re walking ! Some of our pavements (sidewalks) are not all level and smooth, several will go up, or down, a step/s, without notice. Some may have actual holes in them, as seen here on  the right.



Power pole guy wire in the sidewalk.

Also some of the utility poles have guy wires that are in the middle of the walkway, see photo on the right, not as easy to see at night !.

Then there are the electric meters cages, a metal cage covering a building’s meters. Many of these were installed when the population was shorter, and can easily collide with your head, while you are looking down at the uneven sidewalk. Ouch!
That’s it for Puerto Vallarta Safety.