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El Pitillal Map

El Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

El Pitillal Map, which shows the once small village on the other side of the Rio Pitillal, on the outskirts of town, is now part of the municipality of Puerto Vallarta. It is more like a suburb of the Puerto Vallarta where many local workers live.
The town derives its name from the proliferation of a plant that grew on the banks of the river, known as pitillos, a Grass Species, so both the river and the town were named El Pitillal.
Next to the traditional plaza is the San Miguel Archangel Parish church, which has twenty six foot tall sculpture of Archangel San Miguel from one single piece of wood hanging over the altar.

In September the 29th is the Feast of Saint Michael and there will be many festivities centered on the church and the plaza in front of it. After dark a big fireworks display.
The town is very non touristy but offers some wonderful shopping opportunities and interesting restaurants. Very little English spoken here.

Many busses go here just look for El Pitillal on the front. Some will go through downtown to just before the Marina and turn inland to El Pitillal and some will take the bypass (Tunel) road and then go via Fransisco Villa to Pitillal.



Map of Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta.