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Street Food in Puerto Vallarta.

Tacos in Puerto Vallarta.

Street Food is very numerous and varied in Puerto Vallarta.
We have removed the prices due to inflation, from 20-30 pesos.
The locals eat very economically at the many street food stands in Vallarta. The most common is the Taco (this is not like the tacos that Taco Bell serve), it’s served flat and you can fold or roll it anyway you like. Quesadillas, Sopes, Volcanoes, Huaraches, Gorditas and Burritos are also available at certain stands.
You can also have whatever you want in it, totally á la carte.
The biggest concern associated with Street Food & Taco Stands is hygiene, since they do not have running water. The good ones are easy to spot and all these listed here are very good in hygiene.
Look before you buy, see the plates are covered with a fresh plastic bag for each new customer. Another good sign is if it’s got a lot of customers.
Many excellent stands are here in Vallarta and, to begin with, we’re concentrating on the south side.
The following reviews were provided for me by my good friend Guylaine Touchette, who had 19 years of experience here, but who, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Ratings are from zero to 5 stars.

We have added two Cenadurias, indoor, but still Street Food, economical, sit down restaurants where the locals also eat. Also added the famous Churro Man and just a few doors away the Tamale Lady, delicious tamales.
Anyone wishing to submit a favourite Taco Stand, please give as much detail as possible.

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El Moreno, Puerto Vallarta.

El Moreno

Churro Guy, Puerto Vallarta.

The Famous Churro Guy


Stands marked ˜?˜ are without reviews right now. Please send any reviews to  Scroll down for the map.


1.Tacos de Birria Tacos Dorados in the am. 9am-3pm ? 2. El Moreno 9am – 12am. closed Thursday. Meat Tacos and Quesadillas. 👍.👍.👍.👍.👍.
3. La Horniga Feliz Birria, Tacos and Quesadillas,
9am – 2pm Birria .
6pm – 1am, Meat Tacos & Quesadillas.
Closed Sunday.
👍.👍.👍. 4. El Flaco 7 pm to 1 am,
closed Tue & Wed. Tacos al Pastor. The best and spiciest sauces. recommended by Cecilia Lim.
5. Takos Pancho’s An inside place, not a stand on the street, but the best Tacos al Pastor. 3pm – late 👍.👍.👍.👍.👍. 6. Meat Tacos and Quesadillas Open at night.
Closed Sunday.
7. Mendozas One of the oldest stands, has everything, incl. Pastor now. 👍.👍. 8. La Horniga Tacos & Quesadillas.
opens at 6pm
Recommended by Brenda.
9. Tacos Los Jarochos 4pm -2 am, 7 days.
👍.👍.👍. 10. El Tuito Taquerí­a Tacos & Quesadillas 👍.👍.
11. Tacos de Mariscos Outside used to be a fish tienda.  9am – 6pm 👍.👍.👍. 12. Birria Robles Birria, Beef or Goat, 9am to 4pm, very busy.  👍.👍.👍.👍.
13. Marisma 10am to 5 pm. Closed Mon. Fish tacos, best in town. Shrimp tacos. Highly recommended by Our Brenda, Fred and Dan. 👍.👍.👍.👍.👍. 14. Memo’s 8 pm to 2 am. Get the Bin Laden Shrimp Burrito. 60 pesos. Quesadillas also.
Recommended by Our Brenda.
15. El Cuñado.(Brother-in-law), 9 am -11pm, except Sun and Tue 9am-6pm. Jorge and brothers run this taco stand, part of a family enterprise.
Taco de Maiz, Taco de Harina, Quesadillas cheese & meat. Adobado is wonderful. Recommended by “vallartalover”
👍.👍.👍.👍. 16. Mariscos Mismaloya Fish Tacos, Shrimp, Fish Salads & Soup. 10am-5pm. Ask for Adela. 👍.👍.👍.👍.
17. Tacos Santa Cruz
– San Juan
Tacos de Cabeza, Lengua & other “parts” 4pm to when they run out. 👍.👍.👍.👍. 18. Carnitas Vargas 7am-4pm Carnitas 12 pesos. 5pm-6am Tacos
Recommended by
Idaho Thomas & Shawn T.
19. The Famous Churro Man Next to the church, 5pm till he runs out.
👍.👍.👍.👍.👍. 20 Tacos Armando 7:30pm – 1am. Beef, Chicken and Tripe, Volcanes.
21. Cisneros Seafood Tacos from street stand + sit down restaurant w/entrés, 11am-8pm closed Tues. 👍.👍.👍.👍. 24. Tacos Las Gueras  Nighttime, indoor and outside stand.  7pm – 12:30am now at 457 Venustiano Carranza 👍.👍.👍.
25. Tacos Gonzalez Tacos de Cabeza 2pm-10pm. 👍.👍.👍. 26. Tacos Hector.  Mornings only.
Carne Asada, Birria, Chorito.
31. Tacos Santa Cruz Tacos y Quesadillas 8am-5pm. ? 32. El Garlapago  Seafood Tacos. 9:30am – 4:30pm Recommended by George Callaghan.
33. Tacos de Neto. Tacos de Rez. Tue – Sat. 7pm – 12am 👍.👍.👍. 34. Quack Burger Tacos de Carnitas, BBQ nights. Closed Mondays 👍.👍.👍.👍.
35. El Chulo Tacos de Cabeza, evenings ? 36.Tacos Guzman Tacos de Cabeza, evenings ?
CENADURIAS (Family-Style Resturants)
22. Cenaduria Celia Pozole, Enchiladas, Tostadas, Caldo de Res, Gorditas, Sopes, Pig’s Feet & more. Beer. Very Economical. 6-11pm Closed Mon. & Tue. 👍.👍.👍.👍. 23. Cenaduria Anita Pozole – Chicken & Pork. Tamales, Gorditas, etc. Open later than Celia. 👍.👍.👍.
BREAKFAST ? (economical)
27. Dianita Breakfast & Comida Corrida Very Economical. 8am-6pm (2pm on Sundays) 👍.👍.👍.👍.👍. 28. Los Antojitos de la Panza Open at 7am to 4pm, Breakfast and Lunch. Closed Sundays. 👍.👍.👍.👍.
29. Tamale Lady Pork, Chicken & more. 20 pesos. 5pm-10pm Closed Sundays 👍.👍.👍.👍. 30. Balam Balam. Grilled Whole Snapper, 120p & up. Ceviche & Shrimp. 11am-7pm Closed Mon. Facebook 👍.👍.👍.👍.👍.


South Side Taco Map.