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Photo for the Transportation page.

Transportation around Town by Local City Bus

We are blessed with a great public transportation system covering the whole town and beyond.

Bus Stop.A bus stop look like this, but some have disappeared or are hidden pretty good. Just look for a crowd of people on the street, since the busses run very frequently, it will be easy for you to spot the stop. In the Colonias, away from tourist areas and “Transito” (traffic police), the bus will stop at every corner, or even in the middle of the street. To get the bus to stop, point to the middle of the street in front of you, waving may just get you a returned wave.
The fare is 7.5 Pesos to everywhere in the city, no ‘transfers’.
No longer do you share your ride with live chickens, at least we haven’t seen any lately. But you may have live entertainment, all for 7.5 Pesos! plus a tip for the entertainment.
If you are travelling light, the bus stop at the Airport is right outside by the pedestrian bridge, look for a group of locals – they will be waiting for the bus, this bus can be quite crowded and avoid the one that has Pitillal on the windshield, unless you want a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’.

To get to town from the Hotel Strip take the bus that says ‘Centro’ and does not have ‘Tunel’ on it, the first one will take you through Downtown and on to the south side terminal. The ones which have ‘Tunel’ bypass downtown, but still end up at the terminal on the South Side by Parque Lázaro Cárdenas. So if that’s where you want to go it’s faster than going through downtown and you will see another side of Puerto Vallarta. These signs are usually at the bottom of the front window.

Busses going south,  to Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan, 8 Pesos, start from the South

Terminal at Constitución and Basilio Badillo, see photo below.


Bus stop for Boca de Tomatlan and Mismaloya.

The bus above will also take you to the Zoo, get off at Mismaloya, The Barcelo Hotel, cross the highway and follow the signs to the Zoo.

Busses to El Tuito, 32 pesos, this bus will also take you to our Botanical Gardens, leaves from the corner of Aguacate & Carranza, for 20 pesos. See Map

When you board the bus, pay your fare, no big bills please, and hang onto your ticket, there maybe an inspection.
Hold On ! a lot of busses will take off quickly, even while still making change. Get to a seat as quickly as possible. Note: the two or four seats behind the driver, often painted yellow, are reserved for the aged, infirm or pregnant. It is good manners to say Gracias (Thank You) to the driver when you exit.

As you can see by the photo of the bus stop sign  on the left some of the locals have quite a sense  of humour.
Anyone interested in a Magical Mystery Tour,  just jump on a green & white bus and take it to  it’s final destination, cheap 7.5 pesos there and  the same for the return to where you started.
The green & white busses service the outlying residential areas.


The ‘centro’ bus will go straight into town and then make a left just after the sports stadium and followed by a right turn onto Peru. Get off at Parque Hidalgo and walk the one block down to the beginning of the Malecón (seafront promenade). Stroll down this in the same direction the bus was going (south) and you will reach the Main Plaza, Town Hall and Church, see Map. If you continue walking south (or stay on the bus) you will cross the Rio Cuale and enter the ‘south side’ of town, lots of good restaurants, bars and coffee bars. Generally everything is cheaper on the south side of Puerto Vallarta than downtown. Go inland to see a typical local neighborhood or go down to the beach and have a drink down by the pier at Cuates y Cuetes or Langostinos, while you watch another incredible sunset.