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Map of Puerto Vallarta Downtown

Los Arcos, Downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Downtown Map

You can see in this Puerto Vallarta Downtown Map, it’s not a very large area. Before the hills behind downtown begin, there are only three north south streets. Then fourteen crossing streets from Parque Hidalgo in the north and the Rio Cuale, which divides Downtown from the South Side of town, now called Old Town or Romantic Zone. who’s real name is Colonia Emiliano Zapata.

Places to visit:

The Malecón (oceanside walk) from the Rosita Hotel south to the Rio Cuale. Right at the beginning there is a fishmonger, right on the beach, where in the morning you can buy fish right off the boat!
On the way to the main Plaza, you’ll see many sculptures, during the winter high season there’s a free, two hour, weekly walking tour for this, see Weekly Events.
At the Plaza the City Hall is on one side and the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church one block inland.
There’s also a historical building one the corner of Juarez and Iturbide. The Saucedo Theatre was built in 1922 and there’s a plaque on the Iturbide side wall. If you can handle a lot of steps, there’s another three, north – south streets, inland, but up the hill.

The Cross on the hill behind Downtown.

A strenuous hike up these streets to the Cross. It sits up on the ridge behind downtown, sharing it with the TV antennas. above all a terrific excursion. Now with user friendly steps, just walk up Abasolo from downtown and you’ll find the steps to the cross.

Across from the Plaza, you will see the Arches at the Aquiles Serdan Amphitheater, this is also where where you can see performances in the evenings.

On this  Vallarta Downtown Map you’ll see to the south side of the Amphitheater, our Naval Museum. It has a lot of ship models and the history of the navy in Mexico also a nice coffee shop.

The island in the Rio Cuale, is a great place to stroll, between the two bridges are many vendor stands selling the souvenir articles in the open air.
On the beach side across from Oscar’s Restaurant there’s a Museum of Anthropology, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. & 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Not open right now July. 2023
Upstream from the Insurgentes bridge the island is landscaped with many plants and trees, also the famous statue of John Huston. At the eastern tip is our Cultural Center, which hosts plays and concerts. There are also some very good restaurants here.


Map of downtown Puerto Vallarta.