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The Insider’s Guide to all that is best in Puerto Vallarta, with tips on the best Tours, Restaurants and even Street Food.

Puerto Vallarta is truly a magical place, with it’s cobble-stoned streets and colonial architecture.

With this site you will get our Insider knowledge about Puerto Vallarta. We have used our knowledge of over 40 years of experience, to produce this guide for our wonderful and beautiful city.
One reason for choosing Puerto Vallarta to visit is its wonderful climate. Then the  extraordinarily friendly people who live here. The varied tours available and the great selection of restaurants. This is all in a tropical location known for its security and safety.
Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico and the world. Sunset in Puerto VallartaTours in Puerto Vallarta are many and varied, some easygoing and some very adventurous.
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Hope you all come and visit Puerto Vallarta soon.

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Wherever you are, there are tours for you on the Water, on the Beach or into the Mountains. Also there are cheap or free do-it-yourself tours.

Here you will find information about Puerto Vallarta including a list of hotels and Vacation Rentals, a list of our many fine restaurants, detailed maps complete with hotel locations and bus stops, information on our Golf Courses, fun bars for drinks (including Raicilla), a guide to the nightlife, a calendar of upcoming events, exchange rates, bus and taxi transportation information, the weather and shopping. Information for everything you need to make your stay here in Puerto Vallarta the very best.

The bay that Puerto Vallarta lies in the center of is Bahia Banderas (the Bay of Flags). Most of the north side of the bay lies in our neighbouring state of Nayarit while Puerto Vallarta, is in the state of Jalisco, the home of Tequila and the Mariachi.

The whole bay is developing rapidly, with Nayarit developing faster than Vallarta. Unlike Cabo San Lucas and Cancún, Vallarta is ringed with jungle covered mountains. In many places the jungle is footsteps from the beach. Numerous year-round rivers feed the Bay. See Puerto Vallarta Area Description


We think you’ll find the most up-to-date information here, things change quickly here. Check The Insider Tips page to find a list of our recommended Bars and Restaurants.

Some people did not even know that summer is our rainy season (their Travel Agents, if they knew, often didn’t tell them). Click here for the Weather and other information.

Downtown Puerto Vallarta is unique in having maintained its small village atmosphere without succumbing, too much, to the pressures of tourism. On the other hand, don’t be surprised to find a Starbucks in the main square.

If there is anything in the following pages that you can not find or need more information on, please feel free to e-mail us. Hope you all come and visit Puerto Vallarta soon.