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Restaurant Guide for Puerto Vallarta

Mexican Food in Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurants have a tremendous diversity, here’s a Vallarta Restaurant Guide for our town.
We have restaurants from basic home cooking to Cordon Bleu, with prices to match.
In this Vallarta Restaurant Guide there are International cuisines as well as traditional Mexican food and there are many countries represented, a veritable culinary smorgasbord.
SpanishFrenchItalian, ChineseAustrianIndianCubanThai, Vegetarian and even American Comfort Food.
There are also cooking classes you can go to, during the high season, Oct-May, see the Events Calendar.
Puerto Vallarta has been a fishing village for many years so we have a lot of Seafood Restaurants

Then there’s the Street Food ! From Taco Stands, Tamales, Churros and Cenadurias. The most delicious and economical way to satisfy your desire for food. We have guide with a map of the Street Food options on the south side of town Here.

Don’t forget the Markets, even if you have no cooking facilities, the huge abundance of prepared food and fresh fruit available – very tasty.
Very fresh, local seasonal tropical fruits including, Bananas (of course, and many varieties that you may have never seen), Pineapples, Papayas, Mangos (many varieties), Passion Fruit, Star Fruit, Guanabana, Guavas, Lychee, Custard Apple (Chirimoya), Mamey, Nance, Dragon Fruit (Pitaya), Rambutan, Prickly Pear (tunas), Sapote, plus the usual citrus fruits and strawberries, etc.
If you need north of the border style supermarkets we have a large variety, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco are here, together with Mexican companies, Soriana, Chedraul and Ley.
Need coffee
? see our “Cup of Joe” page Here

Another option is having your food delivered, see