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BAY CRUISES Puerto Vallarta

Bay Cruises in Puerto Vallarta.

Bay Cruises Puerto Vallarta has wonderful Cruises in Bahia Banderas, the third largest bay in the world. It has a coastline of about 100K (62 miles).
Puerto Vallarta is located at the middle of that coastline in the State of Jalisco, just north of the PVR airport the State of Nayarit covers the northern part of the bay.
South of Puerto Vallarta the mountains come right down to the beach and at Boca de Tomatlan, the coast road #200 has to turn inland. This leaves several villages and beaches cut off from road access and are only accessible by boat.
Many popular tours visit these secluded beaches. The most popular of these is probably the Rhythms of the Night Tour.
There’s a regular Water Taxi Service for this to Yelapa and Las Animas. The tours listed below go to these remote beaches and also to the Marietas Islands at the mouth of the bay.
If you prefer a classic sailboat to explore the bay, see further down the page.
In the winter months, December to March, we have Whale Watching when the Humpback Whales arrive to mate and give birth.
Fishing is very popular and there are several tournaments every year around the bay. Also quite popular is surf fishing especially on south bay.

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