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Adult Entertainment

Candy's Strip Club in Vallarta, Mexico.

Adult Entertainment in Puerto Vallarta

Well, We have several Adult Strip/Table/Lap dance places that are only advertised in the local Spanish Language newspapers.
If anyone remembers, many years ago, Mamasitas next to the Farmacia Guadalajara on the south side, Insurgentes #281, now closed.
Try Jagger, 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, (was Disturbio, Prestige & Premier) and another now close to Plaza Las Glorias next to J&B and across the road further north there’s Harum, F. Medina Ascencio #1994.(was Prestige and then Bay Watch Girls) Cabbie’s know them. You can take a girl out from the place for another fee. As you can see the names change all the time.  So this is not up-to-date.

Platino was a new addition, on a small side street, now named Andromeda, across from The Mega Store, Sierra Aconcagua Map. This place also is less expensive than the others.
Taboo Klub is another new entrant on the Airport Road just before the Marine Terminal, further north towards the Marina is Aquah on the Right.
Candy’s Girls across from the Plaza Neptuna, also now in Bucerias.
These places have a habit of changing their names often, but taxi drivers will still know the old names.
I strongly suggest that you check the drink prices and pay as you go, do NOT run a tab, then they have no way of charging you for drinks you didn’t have.

“This from Baywatch Girls, Ended up only guy in place at about 10:30pm. Weird, just dead and empty, girls dancing on at a time, but the others just sitting on the outskirts staring into space. A girl was assigned to me at random as soon as I walked in. When I left to leave after about an hour they brought me the bill and it had expensive drinks on it which I did not order. When I complained to the waiter, a guy named George, brought me another drink! When I went to the head counter and did not want to pay they threatened to call the police. Since I did not want to deal with the Mexican authorities and there were no other customers in the place to stick up for me I paid and quickly left, happy that they did not up the bill again before I escaped out the door. So be prepared, pay as you drink, perhaps? There are also out-call massages around town that offer full service, but have not had the opportunity to check them out. So please give me feedback on prices etc.”

“I visited Puerto Vallarta this past March, and before I came down I asked you for some information on adult entertainment. Here’s what we did. We (my friend and I) went to several places you suggested. From the best to the budget, this is what I think.
Top of the list is Qâueros (most expensive in town but great)
Next is Fantasy (just 2 notches down from Qaueros) (same owner)
Then there’s Juniors (not so high classed but comfortable)
And then there’s The Gentlemen’s Club (Note: now Baywatch Girls)(a working man’s club, gets the job done).
We had a great time (times) at all these clubs and “enjoyed” the girls. The only thing we had some problems with, is there is very little English spoken. NEXT, we used out- call service you gave me. This was just as you said it would be. Safe and no problems.”
I emailed you a couple months ago about the adult scene in Puerto Vallarta and it turned out that your information was the one thing that worked out well when I was there. I called the out call massage service and their charges were just as you had wrote. Shortly after calling a very pretty smiling girl showed up at my hotel room; between her looks and the cost I was automatically pleased. The only tiny glitch was that she spoke almost no English at all, but with my little bit of Spanish we had no problems whatsoever. Without getting into details she was very eager to please and actually conveyed that she was not leaving until I was ready for her to go, which is always nice, haha. She was such a sweetheart that there wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do. I was so happy when we finally finished I tipped her another $20 or $40US, I really don’t remember. For her attitude and what she did I sure hope it was $40. I also stopped by Chica’s (ed: now called Fantasy), I wish I had had more info on how these clubs work because it was a real downer. I was going to call your massage place again but decided to go to Chica’s (ed: now called Fantasy), should have called. To make a long story short it was expensive and had no fun at all, but live and learn. When I go back ill know the score and have a better time. Thanks so much for the information SORRY: THIS OUTCALL WENT OUT OF BUSINESS ?