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Romantic LocationPuerto Vallarta must rank as one of the most wonderfully scenic and romantic locations in the world to have a wedding ceremony, not to mention a great place for the honeymoon afterwards.
The variety of locations is amazing. From the most luxurious Villas or Resorts, to barefoot in the sand on a remote beach fringed with palm trees.

To have a legal ceremony requires quite a bit of paper work, but there are several Wedding Coordinators to take care of all the papers, including official translations, so that the time before the wedding can be as relaxed as possible.

Below is an example of the sort of information you will need, provided by my friends Michael and Eva Huhndorf of Vallarta Weddings.

Apart from the legal side, a coordinator can take care of locations, minister, flowers, accommodation, local transportation, photography, reception dinner, music and even fireworks.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can have your wedding in the Catholic church or you may have a Non Denominational Minister present a spiritual ceremony at your location.
If you would like to legalize your wedding in Puerto Vallarta, you will require a civil ceremony (legalization) with the Officiate from the Civil Registry department of Puerto Vallarta.  Here are more details about the Minister and Civil ceremonies.


Non Denominational Minister's Ceremony (non legal)
The Minister's ceremony is approximately 20 minutes and directed in English.  The ceremony is not legally valid, however it is an essential part of the wedding ceremony. 
The ceremony is carried out with all the ammunition of love, giving every couple a truly positive and meaningful experience. Each couple receives a commemorative marriage certificate and requires no paperwork. You only need to bring your idendtification and provide your address and proof of citizenship. Your wedding coordinator will have more information about the Minister ceremony available at your request. We provide assistance with all aspects of the ceremony from the processional to the ceremony outline.

Civil Ceremony (legalization of marriage)
The Civil Ceremony is in Spanish or English and is approximately. 15 minutes and is presented by an official from the Civil Registry of Puerto Vallarta. The civil ceremony can take place at your wedding location on the beach, villa or restaurant. 
To have a civil wedding in Mexico, you must obtain documents from the government in your country and bring them with you or, if you don't have time to spend here, send them in advance to Puerto Vallarta for processing. 
Each couple receives a legalized marriage certificate.  Your wedding coordinator will provide the information and instructions you need to prepare the documents for your civil wedding in Puerto Vallarta, upon reservation of your ceremony date.

Here's more about the requirements for a civil wedding in Puerto Vallarta.

Documents -
Both birth certificates with "Appostille".  (an attachment issued by your Secretary of State)
You will require an "Appostille" for Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees and Name Change certificate (where applicable)

Photocopies of Bride and Groom ID's (passport or driver's license) - Bring original ID's with you.

Photocopies of 2 Witness ID's (license or passport) - Bring original ID's with you.

**** make sure the photocopies of the ID's are very good and the information is clear.

Prenuptial Briefing -
Every couple having a civil ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, must attend a prenuptial briefing before the wedding, where they shall be required to watch a short videotape about marriage. The briefing is mandatory to all couples and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  The Briefing is on Wednesday's only at 9:00am. and takes place at the family services department of the municipal government.  The coordinator will pick you up at 8:15am at your hotel to take you to the briefing and take you back after. Failing to attend this briefing forfeits the ceremony and the legalization of the wedding in Vallarta will not be granted.
There is no said time period a couple must be in Puerto Vallarta before their wedding date, however we recommend that you plan your travel itinerary to make sure you will be in Vallarta before 9:00am on the Wednesday before your wedding date, so you are able to attend this briefing, so please consult with your coordinator regarding the time of your arrival.

Witnesses -
You require only two witnesses in the state of Jalisco. (witnesses can be friends or family members but not parents and must be over 18 and present at the ceremony in Vallarta with their original ID's in order to sign the marriage certificate) If necessary your coordinators can act as witnesses for you.

Blood Tests -
The law in Mexico requires that you have the blood tests in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) prior to the ceremony. Your coordinators will take you to the lab for blood test that checks for blood type and factor only. There are no other examinations necessary.

Translations -
You will need Official Translations of all your English language documents, birth certificate, divorce decree, death certificate or name change certificate (if applicable).

Catholic Church Wedding
If you are not Mexican but would like to be married in the Catholic church and one or both of you are Catholic, it can be done! To be married in the church, you need to obtain documents from your parish in your country. Church weddings are extremely paper work demanding.and without the documents that the church requires, a Catholic wedding would be impossible to arrange. Weddings in the Catholic church must be booked as far in advance as possible. The ceremony is approximately 20 minutes. There is no mass during the ceremony. The church will provide a marriage certificate signed by the father of the Parroquia.  If you would like a coordinator to provide you with the instructions and make the arrangements for your church wedding, a small deposit is required for your reservation and to start the process.

Our Civil Ceremony package includes: birth certificate official translation, signature fees, one marriage certificate and official translation, blood tests & health certificates, fees, transportation to briefing and back and transportation for the official within city limits. Each couple receives a legal marriage certificate.
• Civil Ceremony packages do not include additional translation fees for divorce decree(s), name change or death certificate where applicable.
*** There is a $30 US dollars per additional translation of divorce decree, death certificate or name change certificate (if applicable).
Vallarta Weddings
Divorce Decrees - Unless it is stipulated in the divorce decree, you do not have to wait for a year after the divorce to be married here. If it states that you must wait a year before remarrying, you must abide by that and wait a year.
Your wedding coordinator will provide the information and instructions you need to prepare your documents for a civil ceremony upon reservation of your ceremony date with the Minister and/or Officiate.

Vallarta Weddings has a variety of Wedding Packages covering every type of ceremony and they will personally lead you through all the regulations.

For more information visit the site above or e-mail to