Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Weather
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The climate in the high season – October-May – is warm 80° to 85° Fahrenheit, 27° to 29° Centigrade (65°F / 18°C at night). We may have 1 or 2 days when it might rain a little in that whole period.
After April and until about June or July it will become increasingly warmer, to about 90° F or 32° C, and more humid (80°F – 27°C at night). Around mid June the rains begin. In the rainy season the humidity will increase during the day until the rain comes.
Normally, and we repeat Normally, it will rain for about 2 hours – very heavy with thunder and lightning – in the late afternoon, in the evening or sometimes in the middle of the night. It hardly ever lasts long unless there is a weather system off the coast.
Around the middle of October the rain will stop and the humidity will go down, it used to be something you could bet on, but now with climate change, we’re not betting any more.
We love the rain, it cleans everything up and the jungle gets incredibly green. It’s not cold when it rains, still about 80 degrees F.
We don’t usually have hurricanes that affect us, Kenna in 2002 was the exception and that was just a glancing blow, The waves and storm surge from it caused a lot of damage along the shore but we only got 1″ of rain from it and hardly any wind. The bay and surrounding mountains protect us from the worst but they can effect our local weather.
When a storm system off the coast is involved, we can expect the rain to continue into the night and perhaps the next day, but it’s normally a light drizzle. The rain comes as a relief from the humidity and, although it is wet, it is still warm.
Rainy season mid June to mid October. Great thunder and lightening shows, if you like drama, this is for you!

NB. The information above is less reliable these days, with Climate Change.

Another NB. UV rays can easily penetrate clouds, so even when overcast, at our latitude, you can still get sunburnt, use protection !