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Vallarta Tacos
El Moreno
The locals eat very economically at the many street stands in Vallarta. The most common is the Taco (this is not like the tacos that Taco Bell serve), it's served flat and you can fold or roll it anyway you like. Quesadillas and Burritos are also available at certain stands.
You can also have whatever you want in it - totally 'a la carte'.
The biggest problem associated with Taco Stands is hygiene, since they do not have running water. The good ones are easy to spot.
Look before you buy - see that the person who handles the money and dirty dishes is NOT the same person who handles the food.
Also notice if the paper / plastic plates are reused or are covered with a fresh plastic bag for each new customer. Another good sign is if it's got a lot of customers.

Many excellent stands are here in Vallarta and, to begin with, I'm concentrating on the south side, with a few exceptions.
The following list was provided for me by my good friend Guylaine Touchette, who had 19 years of experience here, unfortunately no longer with us.
Other additions, as they come, will be credited to the person concerned. The 'Map' links will take you to the appropriate part of the other Maps, suitable enlarged. Ratings are from zero to 5 stars. The purple dot indicates a stand with no review yet.

Anyone wishing to submit a favorite Taco Stand, please give as much detail as possible.

Stands marked '?' are without reviews right now.
Please send any reviews to jr@vallartainfo.com

Puerto Vallarta Guylaine Touchette


If you're up early, you can get fresh Tamales from a lady who sets up just off the corner of Juarez and Leona Vicario, downtown. From 7am till about 10:30am or when she runs out.

Taco Stand Guide


1. Tacos de Mariscos, open 7 days 9AM - 5PM, 10 pesos per taco. Best - Smoked Marlin Taco.

Puerto Vallarta Map
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2. El Moreno, closed Thursday. 9:15AM - 12AM. 10-18 pesos. Meat Tacos and Quesadillas.


3. La Horniga Feliz. Birria, Tacos and Quesadillas,
9AM - 2PM Birria .
6PM - 1AM, Meat Tacos & Quesadillas. 10-15 pesos,
Closed Sunday.


4. El Flaco , 7 PM to 1 AM, closed Tue & Wed. Tacos al Pastor.
10 pesos a taco. The best and spiciest sauces.
recommended by Cecilia Lim.

*** 11. Tacos de Mariscos, Outside #309 Aquiles Serdan used to be a fish tienda. 11-14 pesos 9AM - 6PM. tel 223-1856
**** 12. Birria Robles. Birria Tacos only, Beef or Goat, 9am to 4pm, very busy. Tacos are 10 pesos.
? 18. 7am-4pm Carnitas 10 pesos. 5pm-6am Tacos 9 pesos
**** 16. Mariscos Mismaloya. Fish Tacos, Shrimp, Fish Salads & Soup. Tacos are 10-12 pesos. 10am-5pm. Ask for Adela.

***** 5. Takos Pancho’s. An inside place, not a stand on the street, but the best Tacos al Pastor. 11 pesos. 3pm - late
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**  6. Meat Tacos and Quesadillas. Open at night. Closed Sunday.
**** 15. El Cuñado, (Brother-in-law Taqueria), Francisca Rodríguez. 9 am -11pm,except Sun and Tue 9am-6pm.
Son Jorge and brothers run this taco stand, part of a family enterprise. Taco de Maiz 9p, Taco de Harina 10p, Quesadillas cheese 9p, meat 12p. Adobado is wonderful. Limited sidewalk seating but considering addition soon. Recommended by 'vallartalover'


7. Mendozas - skip it ! minus 2 stars! If you want to gamble and you have lots of health insurance, go ahead and try it.

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**** 8. La Horniga. Tacos & Quesadillas. 10PM - 6AM Tacos 10 pesos. Recommended by Brenda.
** 9. Tacos Los Jarochos. 4PM -2 AM, 7 days. 9-20 pesos
** 10. Tacos Arandas OK Tacos 9 pesos, Quesodillas 10 pesos
***** 13. Marisma. 10 AM to 5 PM. Closed Mondays. Wonderful fish tacos, best in town.
Shrimp tacos about 15 pesos. Very clean and always crowded, there's a deposito across the street if you need a beer to wash them down.
Highly recommended by Our Brenda, Fred from Guerneville, CA and Dan from Berkeley, CA.
? 17. Tacos Santa Cruz. Tacos de Cabeza, 4pm to when they run out. 9 pesos.
**** 14. Memo's. about 8 PM to 2 AM. Get the Bin Laden Shrimp Burrito. 60 pesos. Quesadillas also.
Recommended by Our Brenda.
***** 19 The Famous Churro Man, next to the church, 5pm till he runs out. 1 pesos each.
? 20 Tacos Armando
7:30pm - 1am. Beef, Chicken and Tripe, 13pesos, Volcanes 5 pesos
Taco Stand #4