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State of Nayarit

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The State of Nayarit starts north of the Rio Ameca and it is also a different time zone, Mountain Time, but the resorts along the coast keep Puerto Vallarta time – Central Time, so people don’t miss their tours and flig

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This area is similar to Cancún and other areas of Mexico where resorts where built, but no town or village exisisted there before. Until it was developed, the area was scrub and mangrove swamp. So now it still has very little in urban structure, no town hall, central plaza, sports field, not much shopping or restaurants. Slowly there are now some supermarkets, but no Mom & Pop stores, and restaurants. Since the majority of resorts here are All Inclusive, there’s little demand for stores and restaurants.
Good place to lay back on the sand and get a tan, but Puerto Vallarta is a 45min drive away, if you’re lucky. Bucerias to the north is closer.

Bucerias – Go To Map 

A relatively new town, (1937) it was known for diving and fishing. It has a fair number of restaurants and also some tourist shopping. Some nice places for dancing and music in the nightime. Quite a few ex-pats call it home. Nice beach to the north of town and a lot of kite-surfing.

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle – Go To Map 

La Cruz, named after a cross made from the Huanacaxtle Tree (Parota), is another small fishing village, west of Bucerias on the way to Punta de Mita. It now sports a brand new Yacht Harbor and the resulting developement will change this small place pretty quick. An unusual number of restaurants and music venues exist in this small place.

Punta de Mita – Go To Map 

The northern point of the bay, was once a small fishing village, but about 10 years ago, a group bought up the land, by some strange manipulation of the law, and moved the whole village into concrete block houses at El Anclote beach, while they built the gated and guarded 4 Seasons Resort and a nice golf course. Apart from El Anclote, there’s a nice beach between Punta de Mita and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle called Destiladeras.

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