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Signature Dolphin Swim

Kid swimming with two dolphins.Tourist swimming with a Dolphin.Group of kids with a Dolphin.


Not available for Cruise Ship Passengers.

Normal price $149.00
$127,00 US per Adult

Normal child price $89.00
$75.00 US per Child 5-11 years

The Ultimate Dolphin Swim

Not bookable for Cruise Ship Passengers.

Our Signature Dolphin Swim allows you to develop a personal relationship with your dolphin in the smallest group sizes anywhere! Take a journey into the intriguing world of the dolphin through amazing face-to-face encounters in which you can touch, feed, play, learn and swim with dolphins.
Your 90 minute journey of discovery transports you to a place where people and dolphins make lifelong connections and dreams of touching and swimming with these magnificent beauties of the ocean come true. Our environment of fun mixed with education and emotion touches hearts and minds in an experience that creates memories to last a lifetime!

The Signature Dolphin Swim begins with an interactive presentation on dolphin characteristics as well as how to use hand signals and positive reinforcement to communicate with your dolphin.
Then, in groups of no more than 5 people per dolphin, you will head down to our Dolphin Lagoons for a 40 minute in-water experience with the dolphins.

Minimum age 5.Life vests provided for your safety must be worn. Children under 12 must be with adult. Please do not wear sunscreen or jewelry.

At Vallarta Adventures’ Dolphin Center in Nuevo Vallarta MAP.

Videos of your personal swim, food and beverages are available for purchase at the dolphin center.

Daily at the Dolphin Center in Nuevo Vallarta.

Once payment is received! we will confirm the reservation and send you a numbered voucher, please print this and present it at the embarcation point.

Questions  E-Mail  –  book@vallartainfo.com

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