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Note: Not available to Carnival & Disney Cruise Passengers except through the cruise line.
Minimum age 10 years. Max Weight 250 lbs (113K)

$119.00 US Regular Price
$101.00 US per adult.   
$83.00 Regular Price.
$70.00 US per child
(10 – 11)
12 years and over are considered adults.

Sea Safari visits remote beaches in an eco-adventure experience.

Unlike other Puerto Vallarta snorkelling tour boats, our comfortable all-weather inflatables can land on beaches without having to use tenders, so you’ll have more time to explore the natural wonders found on Puerto Vallarta’s southern coastline.

The Sea Safari is a unique and unforgettable experience that combines pure excitement and adventure with the opportunity to explore unspoiled tropical coves and places of extreme beauty at the edge of the jungle on the south shores of Banderas Bay.

If you are the kind of person who wants to get the most out of your Puerto Vallarta vacation, you´ll love this multi-activity eco-adventure!

The Sea Safari is an action-packed ecotour that allows small groups of guests to spend their day visiting remote fishing villages, horseback ride to a spectacular waterfall, exploring tropical forests, sea kayaking along pristine beaches and snorkeling in the sparkling blue waters of the Mexican Pacific.

Includes: snorkeling gear and sea kayaks, lunch, soft drinks and beer.

Boats leave from the two locations, one in Puerto Vallarta and one in Nuevo Vallarta MAPS.

We suggest bringing sunscreen, a towel, a hat, sunglasses and money for souvenirs with you.

Once payment is received! we will confirm the reservation and send you a numbered voucher, please print this and present it at the embarcation point.

Questions  E-Mail  –  book@vallartainfo.com

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