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Canon at Fort San Blas.Fruit Market roadside stand, in Nayarit, Mexico.Dock at La Tovara, San Blas.San Blas waterway.Crocodile at La Tovara, San Blas.La Tovara, San Blas Tour.


One of the oldest Colonial Forts in New Spain
this doesn’t include lunch, but does include water and snacks.

The Tour is approximately 10 hours and
the Air-Conditioned Van will hold 10 passengers at total cost of US$400.00.

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This has been the most popular tour since many years for nature lovers.
You leave in the morning and head north, to the State of Nayarit and San Blas. which is about two and a half hours from Puerto Vallarta.
Upon arrival we will board small boats and make a boat trip of several hours though the “La Tovara” spring.
This area is very extensive and full of natural canals that flow through the jungle to the Matanchen Bay at the Pacific Ocean. The vegetation is lush and full of tropical plants: you will see giant ferns and mangroves. Also, there is diverse wildlife including crocodiles, turtles, jaguars, ocelots, armadillos, and a large variety of birds and fish.
You will stop at the crocodile farm, the little crocodiles that are born there will eventually be put back into the river. The population of the crocodiles has increased in the last years, thanks to this project of the University of Guadalajara. During the boat ride we will make another stop at a jungle restaurant where you can have something to drink.
After the boat ride, we will head to the village of San Blas which was founded in Spanish colonial times and was one of the two main ports on the Pacific and a Viceroyalty of New Spain. You will visit the fort, which was the administration office for the Spaniards. The view is amazing; the pirates did not have much chance to not been seen in those times. Right now, an estimated 45.000 people live in San Blas. They mainly live of fishing and tourism. The village is know for the excellent shrimp that you can eat there.

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