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Waterfall and pool at River Canopy.Untitled-9RZR tourUntitled-3aZip line at River Canopy.Zip line Splashdown at River Canopy.Canopy Zip Line down to the river.Zip line over the river.Cooling in the pool after the Canopy Tour.Group photo before the River Canopy Tour.


1-2 Riders Regular Price. $256.00
with on-line booking $ 217.00 US
3-4 Riders Regular Price. $388.00 
with on-line booking $ 330.00 US

About 4.5 hours plus transport time.


Minimum age for extra passenger: 6 years
Maximum weight for RZR: 400 kg
Credit card (Visa – Mastercard).
Valid driver’s license.

Earth, Water, Air & Adrenaline.
The perfect combination for your adventure.On board of an RZR through trails and amazing views of the Sierra Madres. We will make a stop at a wonderful crystalline waterfall “El Salto” where you can take a dive in the natural spring waters. we continue our adventure on the RZR to the ZipLines, where we take to the air, flying over the river, upto to 200 feet above the river, among the treetops, enjoying the majestic scenery in this area.
Then return to home base on some gentle mules, where you can enjoy a Tequila Tasting.

Transport leaves from from four locations  MAP.

Includes: Complimentary Welcome Drink, all the safety equipment and at the end a Tequila Tasting & Tour

.Bring: Bathing Suit or Shorts, Sunscreen, Comfortable Shoes, Camera, Drivers License  some pesos for anything you want to buy at the restaurant.

Once payment is received we will send you a numbered Voucher, please print this and present it at the office.

Questions  E-Mail  –  book@vallartainfo.com

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Minimum Number of People: 1
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
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