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The Hidden Beach at the Marietas Island Tour.Blue Footed Boobies, Marietas Islands, Puerto Vallarta.Gulls on the Marietas Islands.boobies2Snorkel at the Marietas Islands.


WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY, not bookable for Cruise Ship Passengers.
Duration 3.5 hours (Depending on conditions).

$126.00 US per person.
Regular Price $149.00 US
Min. Age: 12 years old
Plus SEMARNAT fee ($85 pesos per passenger)

Included: Light Snacks, Snorkelling equipment & Bottled water

Bring:  Swimwear, Towel & a light sweater

Marietas Islands Preservation.


Max. Weight: 260lbs (118Kg)

*Access to the Lover’s beach is not guaranteed and depends entirely on sea conditions and tide.To participate in this adventure you must demonstrate strong swimming abilities and be able to make a 100 meter swim from the boat to the beach. Expecting mothers are restricted. Not recommended to anyone with heart or respiratory problems, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, visibility or hearing weakness, epilepsy, or medical conditions that impacts physical performance. All must wear life jackets and helmets. Sunblock is not allowed

Hidden Lover’s Beach at the Marietas Islands

The Lover’s Beach, is also known as the Hidden Beach at the Marietas Islands. The Islands are an ecologically diverse sanctuary with the world-renown hidden beach nestled just out of sight. Take advantage of this small group format as you journey to the islands in our comfortable, inflatable boat. Swim through cave formations and rock archways, admiring the extraordinary terrain and more than 100 species of unique birds and fish that call these islands home.
Pacific bottle-nose dolphins, spotted dolphins, and spinner dolphins live in Banderas Bay year-round, and watching them in the wild is a great way to learn more about these beautiful and intelligent mammals.

Situated at the Northern end of Banderas Bay, the Marietas Islands provide a sanctuary for the diverse marine and bird life found here. Whales, dolphins, giant manta ray, tropical fish, and indigenous birds such as blue-footed boobies and red-billed tropic birds form a unique and complex ecosystem in the shelter of these islands.

As one of the few tours allowed to visit the islands, we feel the strong responsibility to protect them – and you help by joining us! A portion of the proceeds of each tour goes toward the protection and the study of The Marietas National Park. We want to ensure that these islands remain a refuge for marine and wildlife for years to come, not only for your children, but for your children’s children.

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For your comfort and safety, our knowledgeable and bilingual eco-guides are always on hand to help, advise, and entertain you! .

A 85 pesos Fee per person is payable at departure to visit the protected zone of the Islands for CONANP the Govt. Agency and you will be issued with a bracelet

Boats leave from the two locations, one in Puerto Vallarta and one in Nuevo Vallarta MAPS.

Once payment is received! we will confirm the reservation and send you a numbered voucher, please print this and present it to the embarkation point.

Questions  E-Mail  –  book@vallartainfo.com

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Duration: 3.5 hours
Minimum Number of People: 1
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Puerto Vallarta
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