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Local Sports
Most local Sporting events can be found at our Municipal Sports Stadium, MAP. Check at the office there for more details, most soccer & baseball game are on the weekends.

We have, at last count, between Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, 9 different courses. More Information Here.

A few public accessible courts, if your hotel/resort doesn’t provide:
The Sheraton has two well maintained courts, $100 pesos per hour.
Canto Del Sol has eight courts, $150 pesos per hour.
The Holiday Inn has two courts, $50 pesos an hour. NB this resort is changing to Sunscape.
Hotel Kristal has two courts and is $130 pesos an hour.
Westin Regina has three courts and is $100 pesos an hour
CasaMagna Marriott has three courts and is $110 pesos an hour
Velas Vallarta has three courts and is $100 pesos an hour

A bit over an hour by bus, north of Puerto Vallarta, is the well known surfing beach of Sayulita, with a selection of waves it’s perfect for the beginner and we even have a tour for that Surfing.

TV Sports.
There are many bars showing international sports in town, some with team allegiances. Nacho Daddy for example is the place to go for the Dallas Cowboys NFL games (the owner Sean is from Dallas). Que?Pasa is known as a Green Bay Packers place. Los Muertos Brewery for the Seattle Seahawks. Other good locations for sports, Pour Favor (CFL and Hockey), Monchies, Thirsty Cougar, La Escondida (CFL and Hockey) and El Torito are just a few to choose from.