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El Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta.

At one time just an outlying village, it is now within the Puerto Vallarta Municipality, since 1975.
San Miguel Arcángel Parish church is one attraction, next to the main plaza, Map. It has a carving out of one piece of wood, depicting Jesus’ Resurrection.
The town is now much larger and most residents work in the tourist industry, but in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, you will find very few tourists here.
Some interesting stores and restaurants geared towards the locals. MAP.

Getting There.

Many busses go here mostly the Green & White ones, easy to see Pitillal on the front, get off at the plaza and wander around. The green and white busses are best found at Basilio Badillo and Constitución or the terminus on Pino Suarez, between Carranza and Cárdenas.

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