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Mon. Wed
& Fridays
Karaoke at Cafe Roma 6-9 pm no cover. Upstairs at Encino #287 Map
Mondays Karaoke 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Tuesdays The Joker Band 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Tuesdays Jazz Jam Session 9:00pm El Patio de mi Casa, Guerrero #311
Wednesdays The Zippers/strong> 8:00pm Que?Pasa Map Site
Wednesdays G The Entertainer 8:00pm Que?Pasa Map Site
Thursdays That Swang Thang Old Time Swing Music 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Thursdays The Zippers Great Rock & Roll 9:30pm Pour Favor.
222-1955 Map
Fridays Bobby & Gilberto, from 4pm-6pm El Rio BBQ, Paso Ancho. Map.
Fridays Trez Cuartoz Great Rock & Roll 8:00pm Pour Favor.
222-1955 Map
Fridays The Texas Embassy Blues Band. The best R&R/Blues band in town, 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Fridays The Hoochie Coochie Men . Classic Rock and Blues, 8:00pm. Que?Pasa Map Site
Saturdays El Dueto Majahaus 8.00pm. Que?Pasa Map Site
Saturdays Reggea to be announced 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Sundays The Crew. Featuring ‘Gloria’ 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Chano at Sonidio Rana Music.

For the very best selection of recorded music, there’s no better place than Sonidio Raña, F. Madero # 325, just west of Insurgents. 222-4176. Ask for Chano who also has a great selection of instruments.