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Gloria and DaCrew8:00pm.

Pour Favor.
222-1955 Map
Tuesdays The Joker Band 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Tuesdays Jazz Jam Session 9:00pm El Patio de mi Casa, Guerrero #311
Thursdays Gloria and DaCrew8:00pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Fridays The Gecko Band Rock & Roll 7pm Condo Girasol Sur.
Fridays Trez Cuartoz Great Rock & Roll 3:00pm. The Guys went to visit Canada! Luke’s 223-4604
Map Peru, next to Pemex.
Fridays Hard Money. 8:00pm Pour Favor.
222-1955 Map
Fridays The Texas Embassy Blues Band. The best R&R/Blues band in town, 8:30pm. Nacho Daddy – Air Conditioned Map Site
Fridays The Hoochie Coochie Men . Classic Rock and Blues, 7:30pm. Que?Pasa 
Saturdays El 90 . 8 pm. Nacho Daddy Map Site
Saturdays El Dueto Majahaus 8.00pm. Que?Pasa 
Saturdays Bobby & Gilberto7.45pm – 10pm. River Cafe, On Isla Cuale at the I. Vallarta Bridge.
Sundays Bobby Tansen 7.45pm – 10pm./td> River Cafe, On Isla Cuale at the I. Vallarta Bridge.
Chano at Sonidio Rana Music.

For the very best selection of recorded music, there’s no better place than Sonidio Raña, F. Madero # 325, just west of Insurgents. 222-4176. Ask for Chano who also has a great selection of instruments.