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The Municipal Market of Colonia Emiliano Zapata.

Vegetable market
Fresh Vegetables.

A truly wonderful place to do your shopping, beautiful fresh produce, so colourful you need to bring your camera with you.

A lot of the stores sell what people now call ‘bulk’ because it isn’t packaged, but that’s how most people in the world shop. You will not see much plastic wrap here.

Fresh Fruit in the Market
Plenty of Fruit

Practically everything you need can be found here, including household items, but we concentrated on food here.
The Market is a square building with a central courtyard, including a water basin, surrounded by various vendors.
It’s located on Lázaro Cárdenas at Camachin, MAP. It’s a Local Market, so it opens around 6am and closes around 3pm, 365 days a year!
There are more vendors on the outside and in the surrounding area, including several food restaurants in the inland side of the market.

Delicatessen ? – –  Cremería “Diana Y Susy”

Owners, Enrique and Esmeralda, who both speak excellent English, provide an amazing variety of items, that many people travel a long way to find, usually only found in ‘gourmet’ stores, like Half & Half, Nice Bacon sliced to your thickness, a variety of Hams – Cheeses.
They also have some unique items you won’t even find in a gourmet store, like: Home Made Butter and Cream from El Tuito, Home Made Salsas and Ranch Eggs.

Market deli in Vallarta
Enrique and Esmeralda
Also Ranch Eggs.
Also Ranch Eggs.
Home Made Pico de Gallo.
Home Made Pico de Gallo.

Meat  – –  Chicken – – Fish

Our personal butcher for 15 years. The famous “Chicken Lady” on the rear wall and a pretty Fishmonger.

Vallarta butcher.
My Butcher for 15 years, Cheque.
Yuya Chicken Lady.
The Famous Chicken Lady.
Fishmonger in the market.
Hanna's Fishmonger, Ginha.
food stands at the Vallarta market
Good food at Good Prices.

On the inland side of the market are several very good and reasonable Breakfast-Lunch places.
Outside there are more and, of course, the required Tortilla Producer on the west outside corner on Calle Camachin.
Then outside across that road, see below.

tortillaria in Puerto Vallarta's Market.
Fresh every Day!

Cereals y Semillas Martinez.

Rice & Beans in Vallarta.
Several types of Rice & Beans.

Across the road, Camachin, on the West side. Rice & Beans, many different choices. Dried Chillies, Hibiscus Flowers for Agua de Jamaica, Oats, Lentils, Pet Food, Chicken Food and an amazing choice of spices with nothing in a container or bottle. They have salsas and other bottled condiments as well.

Spices in Puerto Vallarta.
Lots of Bulk Spices.
Lots of Salsas.
Lots of Salsas.
dried chillies
Dried Chilies, Garlic, Jamaica Flowers.
semilla store in Vallarta
Friendly service with Norma.

Doña Lily and Memo.

Doña Lily's food stand.
Doña Lily

Doña Lily’s street stand is half a block inland on Lázaro Cárdenas.
She has the reputation as a great cook and her stand is the best for great sandwiches and fresh Juice.
Her husband, Memo, handled the Coconuts, he recently passed away.

Memo cutting coconuts.
Memo the Coconut King. R.I.P.

Fruteria Baca.

Finally we come to the photos at the top of the page. This greengrocer has a huge range of products and with a very good quality. We have never seen such great looking fresh Ginger and Shallots.
The owner, Baca, has imports from South America and Southern Mexico, so we can enjoy Mangos year round.
His sister Norma controls the center of the store, she speaks some English and even has her own FaceBook Page.

Fruteria Baca in Puerto Vallarta.
Norma controls the Center.
Mangos in Vallarta.
Mangos in January ?
Fruteria in Puerto Vallarta.
Your Host Sr. Baca