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General Information

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There are so many great activities when you visit Puerto Vallarta, apart from the various tours.  The town is very walkable and picturesque. We are also well known for our great diversity of restaurants, ranging from the great Taco Stands to Cordon Bleu French Cuisine.
Scroll down for info. on Telephones, the Internet and our great Water.


At our famous beach destination and, apart from the great beaches, we have exciting Tours, some of the best and most varied Restaurants in Mexico, a very active nightlife and wonderful shopping opportunities.

Here is some information on some of the most unique organised tours:

  • Canopy Zip Line Tours, in our jungle covered mountains.
  • Whale Watching during the winter.
  • Boat Cruises of our huge Banderas Bay.
  • Rhythms of The Night, an evening cruise to a beach with dinner and a pre-hispanic show.
  • A HIKE along a trail from Boca de Tomatlan to Las Animas Beach.
  • Tour of the Botanical Gardens south of town. Note: you can take a bus there if you wish and save a lot.
  • For Do-It-Yourself tours, our town is a wonderful place to walk, all you need is a good MAP:

The Malecón – Our beachside promenade (boardwalk), lined with sculptures, stretches from the Rosita Hotel all the way to Los Muertos Beach. Map On the way stop to see Our Lady of Guadalupe church, adjacent to the principal Plaza, and the Naval Museum, just past the Los Arcos amphitheater.

From the bridge over the Rio Cuale, you can descend to the mid river island with an archaeological museum, restaurants, shopping stands  and all the way upstream our cultural center.
Continue on the Malecón to Los Muertos Beach and the new pier. Many beachside bars and restaurants on this very popular beach.
If you’re here on a Saturday, visit the local “Farmer’s Market” in Lázaro Cárdenas park, from 9:30am to 2:00pm, with food and live music. Old Town Farmer’s Market only open in the High Season – non rainy season.
After visiting the Los Muertos Beach pier, turn inland and stroll up Basilio Badillo, MAP with it’s many restaurants, bars, stores and art galleries.

There’s a new Tourist Office is on the inland side of Lázaro Cárdenas Park, open 24/7. Tel. 222-2224


Cell Phones.

Some cell phone companies have a roaming agreements within Mexico. Ask your provider who they use for roaming in Mexico, that will tell you who to sign up with when you get there. Some of these companies sell short term options for vacationers.

If you have an unlocked phone, it can easily have a local number added, just for the cost of buying a local SIM card. I recommend Roberto at Unlock Vallarta, Insurgentes #161. his Cell: 322-278-7801, on the south side, he can also unlock your phone, speaks good English and is extremely helpful email- robertugg@hotmail.com.
If you have a local ‘pay as you go’ phone you can add pesos, from 30 pesos up at any OXXO store.
Charges: Local or National Calls – 1.00 Pesos per min. International – 1.98 Pesos per min. You get a better deal if you recharge at 200 pesos or higher. Then it’s 98 centavos $0.98pesos or around US$0.06 per minute, local, national and USA/CAN !
Calling a Mexican Cell Phone from NOB (North of the Border) you will add a 1. For example, if you want to dial a cell phone in Puerto Vallarta (area code 322) from Tucson you used to dial 011+52+322 + seven digit phone number. Now you will dial 011 + 52 +1 +322 + seven digit phone number. For a Mexican Land Line number, remove the ‘1’


There are several ways to keep up on your E-mail while you’re here. Apart from your hotels, with sometimes a charge, there are many Cyber Cafes in town that have DSL high speed access, you can use a computer for from 10 to 15 pesos for one hour, on some side streets, in our residential areas, I’ve seen as low as 8 pesos an hour. At some of these places you can get coffee, snacks and even beer! At last count there were over 200 places like this, and that’s just in town.

Most every bar in town offers free WiFi and some offer a International Telephone for Free, with your drink purchase, ‘natch. Que?PasaCafe RomaPour Favor, Nacho Daddy Hungry Cougar and Escondida are just a few examples.
We have a city Hot Spot in the Main Plaza, which is free and require no password, it runs 24/7, this is meant to run along the whole Malecón and another in Parque Lázaro Cárdenas on the south side.


We’ve seen so many misinformed reports from bulletin boards over the years about the water.
The usual bad reporting by foreign media, who treat Mexico as a large state south of the US border, and if there’s a report of pollution in the state of Guerrero or somewhere, their report is just “Mexico Pollution”.
This is a very big country, it’s not the same everywhere – just like in your country. In the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta the water is good to drink.
SEAPAL (Local Water Company) have consistently exceed World Health Organization criteria for drinking water, for over twenty years. But, if you’re really worried, plenty of your favorite bottled water is available.

Logo for SEAPAL.