Puerto Vallarta Photos

These pages are all photos from Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area.

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My 73rd Birthday Party A total blast, as always smiley

Animal Protection Association Pasta Cook-Off

All those good folks who pitch in with their time.

Archie's Burger Street Party

After the fire, still the best burgers in town.

Annual Jazz Concert on Los Muertos Beach

With my friend Doug Horn on Alto.

Drunken Horseback Ride Numero Dos

Friends from the Bulletin Board go for a ride.

Drunken Horseback Ride Numero Cuatro

Even more fun on horseback.

Drunken Boca to Las Animas Hike

And nobody fell off the trail.

Laura Lopez Show at Playa del Sol

Our best known dress designer.

The Great Mule Trek

The Infamous mule trek to Yelapa.


Party on my street

Revolution Day Parade

The whole town goes to this one, Nov. 20th.

Rainy Day

What to do when it rains.

San Sebastian

Old mining town in the Sierras behind Vallarta.

Talpa de Allende

In the Sierras behind Vallarta.


La Esmeralda de La Sierra.

Riding The Sierras

Pictures from my three day trip.

El Cuale

Small mining town near Vallarta
Driving to EL Cuale Photo's of the drive from PV to El Cuale

Brenda's Big Birthday Bash

Pictures from my buddy Brenda's (bzy1) party.

Kenna clean up pictures from the Malecón.

Photos from the day after to 5 days later. All fixed now.

Faces & Scenes

Some local faces and scenes from Vallarta