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There are many Fables & Legends about Puerto Vallarta, some mostly true, some ‘tongue in cheek’ and some completely untrue.
A new FaceBook page, recently started, with the intention of giving answers to locals and new visitors’ questions, is not much use as about 90% of the answers given by people are completely wrong. ?
Here are a few, some serious and factual, but most for your amusement.

Fables & Legends

Agave Lechuguilla the source of Raicilla.

The Story of Raicilla

From: tequilamescal.com - now defunct Travellers along the western seaboard of Mexico in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta occasionally happen onto roadside vendors of a moonshine mezcal called Raicilla (rye-see-ya). The name Raicilla was originally used to disguise this type of mezcal in order to escape restrictions on alcohol production and the related taxes. My [...]
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Fireworks Display.

How I ‘FIRED’ my Boss, another Raicilla story

I have been asking Gil (husband of Lucy, owner of Lucy's CuCu Cabaña, see Shopping) to write a couple of paragraphs for this page. At last he did, all 5 pages of a story. So he gets a whole page for his very funny story from the early days here. Now available, with many other [...]
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Raicilla Stories

Some years ago, I was staying in Yelapa at a friend's palapa, and we ran out of Raicilla. So I went with him to the bar on the hill to get more. There was nobody there except a large bartender with two slits for eyes and a kind of red haze behind them. My friend [...]
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Photo of white dresses.


If you have the good fortune of knowing that you are going to be eating mole, don't wear white! Trust Fanny. Even if you never spill on that white Oaxacan wedding shirt, mole has an independent will. It will jump off your fork and fling itself onto your white clothes all on its own! Posted [...]
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Photo of a church.

So THATS what they think?

"The pastor of the church asked me how I liked Ixtapa. I told him that it is a very beautiful place, no doubt, but that I didn't especially care for it as it was not real life to me , rather a fantasyland, and that I preferred Zihuatenejo and the surrounding colonias. He seemed puzzled [...]
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Photo about walking in Vallarta.


Can't figure it out? I was always passing the locals when I was out walking, even my friends commented that I walk fast! Now I'm being overtaken by the same locals, so, am I slowing down or are they speeding up ??
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National Dress

Once upon a time the National Dress for women in Mexico was said to be a Maternity Dress. Well, according to a report by the National Population Council - "Mexico's successful birth control program, wrought by an unswerving national crusade launched in 1974, has achieved a little-discussed but immensely significant drop in population growth. Whereas [...]
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