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“Where can I get a good cup of coffee?” is a frequent question we get. In the old days, and still in the more remote parts of Mexico, a cup of hot water, a jar of Nescafe, sugar and a spoon was all you could get. Even though you might be in a growing area, we guess the idea of coffee in a jar that you didn’t have to brew, was so ‘modern’ that it became widely adopted as the ‘in’ thing.
But things have changed.

Mexico has been cultivating coffee for over 200 years, although the best beans come from the Veracruz and Chiapas/Oaxaca area, there is local Organic Coffee grown locally, up in the mountains, behind Puerto Vallarta.

So, as well as the availability from the south, we have a lot to choose from.
Yes, there is a Starbucks here and they have very good coffee – for a price! We would like to concentrate on our many smaller coffee bars in town, some who roast their own, where you will find more locals than tourists. Special mention to cafe de Oro Verde, who supplies many of the other places in town.

Cafe Oro Verde, Columbia # 1373, just north of San Salvador. Roasted on site. 222-3159.
Mon-Fri 9am-3pm. The best in town at the best prices. Owner Wenceslas.
A Page in the Sun – South Side – North side of Lázaro Cárdenas park. Tel: 222-3608 cupcupcup
El Sofa Cafe – V. Carranza #306, Nice small air-conditioned. 223-8446 cupcupcup
Cafe San Angel – South Side – 449 Olas
Este Cafe – Central – 336 Libertad. Tel:
Pie in the Sky – South Side – Aquiles Serdan #242.
Tel: 222-8411
Big Kahuna, corner of Basilio Badillo
& Olas Altas.
Dee’s Coffee Company, FDC Rodriguez #111, 1/2 block from the pier. 7am-10pm. 044-322-779-7603 cupcupcupcup
The Coffee Cup, Rodolpho Gómez # 146, 222-8584 cupcupcup
Buy your own? Cafe Yolanda Superior.
Yolanda and Tom will deliver, they buy all their coffee
from Ixtlahuahuey in Cabo Corrientes.
Tel 222-6991, 222-4423