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Puerto Vallarta Beaches
A Guide to the Beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Not so easy to find these days, the developers are developing anywhere there's a bit of sand, it seems.

Luckily we are blessed with a less than perfect State and City government, which means that a lot of the access roads to out of the way beaches are not in very good condition.
The more difficult it is to get there, the more unspoiled and less crowded are the beaches.
Here's a rough guide to some of the popular beaches, some distance from town but with good road access, that don't get too many people and some that require more of an expedition to travel to. To get there see the Transport and Maps links on the left.

North Bay
You'll need to drive or take the bus to the Punta de Mita turn off from Route 200, to get to these beaches.


Just past La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, 20 miles north of town, this very popular beach (busy on Sundays) is long and wide. Very popular for boogie boarding with long waves. A couple of beach side restaurants close to the parking area. On weekdays if you walk away from the restaurant areas, you'll find a lot more seclusion.

El Anclote

Just before Punt de Mita is a shallow shelving beach, great for children and also produces some excellent surfing breaks, not big but long. The sand is also finer on the beach than most of the others. Lots of beach restaurants and kayak/boogie board rentals.
A bit over 22 miles from Vallarta. Take the ATM Punta de Mita bus.
Surfing - You can rent boards and get all the info. you need at Coral Reef Surf Shop.


About 25 miles north of town and outside the bay (take the Sayulita bus), the beach is quite long, wide and boasts an Women Only Surfing School. Well known in the surfing world. Restaurants on the beach and in the village - which also has a pool hall. To the south, past the rocky point covered with gringo homes, you'll find some small sandy coves (take the path by the cemetery).

South Bay
From Boca de Tomatlan to Cabo Corrientes there are a few beaches that can only be reached by sea, there are a few roads, well that word is an exaggeration, but it's faster by boat. Most of them will have tour boat loads of tourists during the middle of the day, if you time it right you can avoid them. In order of appearance:

Las Animas

The first big beach after Boca, it now has a sort of pier to unload onto, restaurants and bars on the beach but not much more. The tour boats will get there a bit before noon and after the tourists have loaded up on food and booze they will leave. Being the closest beach it is busier than the others.
But ! between Boca and Las Animas there's a pretty decent trail with a couple of usually deserted beaches to explore on the way. Thanks to Tom Cahill for the information on this. Takes about two hours.
Read a report on the trail, from Wayne Campbel, HERE You can contact Arturo, the guide mentioned by Wayne by e-mailing Arturo book@vallartainfo.com he has other talents, he playes guitar and flutes at some bars in the evenings. See a picture of happy hiking groups HERE.

Las Animas Hike Map


This beach too, will load up with tourists from the tour boats at about 11am, but if you get there early, water taxi from Boca de Tomatlan, you can hike up to the waterfall before the rush and usually have it all to yourself. There are also many, somewhat scrawny horses you can rent to avoid the hike (quite a lot up hill). Before the tourists found the place, it used to be home for Archie, Cynthia and their kids (Archie's Wok in town) when Archie was the chef for John Huston at his beach ......


Once the private residence of John Huston, director of Night of The Iguana and so many other great movies. It is now the location of two tours from Vallarta Adventures, the Caletas day tour and in the evening the Rhythms of The Night tour. Not a good place to go to privately as all the facilities are Vallarta Adventures'.


Another semi-private beach containing the Majahuitas
Resort. All beaches in Mexico are public, but if the only bathroom is in a private resort .... ? There are some great snorkeling spots around here with usually very clear water.

Near Chimo Majahuitas Snorkel Los Colomitos Beach
Beach south of Chimo Fish off Majahuitas Small Sandy Beach on the Las Animas Trail


The old hippie hangout just isn't the same with electricity and telephones. Not a bad beach and there is the village to explore. The waterfall behind the village is OK during, or just after, the rainy season, but dries up fast when the rains stop. Hike up the river, or rent a horse, to a much bigger one - not as tall though. For more information on Yelapa, click Here.


Another beach which was, more or less, taken over by the owner of the Chivas football team from Guadalajara. Well, that deal fell through so the village still remains the same. Some facilities, but for the Vallarta Adventures Sea Safari excursion.


There are some wonderful virgin beaches just before this fishing village, which would require a good hike. Since there are no regular water taxis, you'd have to rent a private panga. These beaches are really only available if you were to spend the night in Chimo, which maybe possible, but I have no recent information.

Tehuamixtle and Mayto.

Tehuamixtle Bay
Now this beach is really remote, outside the bay and south of Cabo Corrientes, see Map.
I hope soon to have available a one or two day private tour to this beach, which can be reached by road. If you like really fresh seafood, especially oysters, eat at Candy's Restaurant by the dock.
Ipala Beach
Beach at Ipala, south of Tehuamixtle

If you want to drive on your own, go to El Tuito, at the end of the plaza, turn left and zero out your kilometer counter.
At about 21K, turn right at the schoolyard in the village of Llano Grande, then left. At 38K keep straight and finally at about 40K, turn right at the fork. That will get you there. Note this is a dirt road but greatly improved now. To get to Mayto, a tremendous beach with one small hotel, turn right at 37K.  About 50 min. drive from El Tuito.
By bus: Once a day around 4pm there's a bus that leaves from the side of the Plaza, which will take you to Tehuamixtle and Mayto.

Mayto Hotel
Hotel Mayto
Mayto is just north of Tehuamixtle, see the turn-off described above, and has an almost endless beach. Just down from the hotel is a turtle research station. The patrol the whole beach during the laying season and rescue the eggs, to be hatched in an enclosure away from predators.
The hotel Mayto is new, very clean and rents for 480 pesos per person. Tel. 333-177-2184.
Also the Hotel Rinconcito. 300 pesos per person per night. Cell 322 175 5277.
Mayto Beach
Beach at Mayto, north of Tehuamixtle